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WEB POS with E-Shop - Introduction

WebPOS with E-Shop - an innovative system developed by Yampo Network

With your POS (Point Of Sale) installed on the web, you can enjoy the greatest flexibility by accessing the system anytime, anywhere. And also integrated management with the E-Shop

Web - POS
Traditional POS
Installation Location Install on the web inside the web server. Install in stand alone computer located in the shop.
System Access May use the system anytime, anywhere as long as internet access is available. Can only be used in the shop where the system is located.
Support for new branches No limit to the number of branches of your shop. Our Web POS may handle them all. Each individual branch must install a separate POS.
Data communication between branch shops Data can be shared between branches.
1. One time input of product information and all the branches can see it.
2. Revenue of each branch and their total are easily accessible.
3. Stock of each product and its distribution between the branches can be accessed.
4. May handle stock transfer between branches.
Data can not be shared between branches.
1. Product information must input to the system separately for each branch … even they are the same products.
2. To analyze the total revenues or stock for all branches, data for each shop has to be collected separately.
E-Shop expansion Since your products information is already on the web, you can easily expand to an online shop which works as if there is an additional branch. Cannot expand to online shop.
Web POS includes all functionalities of traditional POS. In brief, it works as below:
1. Input all the product information to the system, including their product name, brand, price … etc.
2. For each sale, the information is input to the system.
3. For each purchase of stock, the information is input to the system.
Managing functions:
A. May check revenue for individual shop, or their total, in any period specified.
B. May check stock distribution any time. ( the stock distribution is automatically calculated based on the stock purchase information and the sale information)
C. May check product information. (use of barcode is supported)
D. Integrated management with the E-Shop which works like an additional branch shop