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You may create a mobile Apps as an AppShop or a showcase of your products. By allowing your customer to install the Apps, their loyalty to your products will be enhanced. Below are some common features of mobile Apps. Please also note that we provide package for eShop + Apps creation.
AppShop / Product Showcase
You may list you products on the Apps by categories. In case of a shopping Apps, customer may place order directly and give online card payment by Paypal. You can manage the order through the CMS.
Video / Photo Album
You may share you photos and videos on the Apps. And you can manage the content using the CMS
Basic Information
Publish your company's basic information on the Apps. This may includes company's background, products and service details, experience sharing .. etc. Components like photos, text, videos, maps can be used.
Info Database
You may build a database and list out the information on the Apps. For example, you may list out the address of all the restaurants in the city. Or list out all the job vacancies in case of an employment Apps.