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Selling products through eShop and Mobile Apps are getting more and more popular. How about building a combined system  including a PC  eShop, an iPhone App, an Android App, and a eShop for mobile browser? The 4 platforms are managed by a single CMS which synchronize all the products and orders information.

Sell your products on PC eShop, iPhone App, Android App and mobile website at the same time!

Details for eshop+Apps Package:


Build the shop in 4 platforms at the same time : PC eShop, iPhone App, Android App and Mobile eShop.


Graphic design are provided for the 4 platforms

3) Product can be uploaded from a single CMS which synchronizes the products info for the platforms
4) The shopping system support all 4 platforms, and connect to Paypal for card payment. Orders are managed by a single CMS.
5) Publishing the Apps to Android App market and iPhone Appstore are included.

Web publishing, domain registration and web hosting are provided.

  Special discount are provided under promotional period. Please contact us for more details.