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While more and more people is browsing the internet using mobile phones, traditional web design which are mainly for PCs may not be adequate. For this reason, we introduced our service of designing website for mobile device, which goes parallel with our existing service for PC’s website. We can build a website with both version for PC and mobile. Alternately, if you already have a website for PC, we can make an additional version for mobile. The service includes:
1)Auto-detect of the device used by a visitor and decide weather to jump to the PC or mobile version of the website.
2)As the screen size of a mobile device is smaller, the website layout is re-arranged so as to suit the screen width.
3)Certain technology which is not supported by most mobile phones like Flash Plugin are avoided by replaced by other technology.
4) If the web includes programs like database or shopping cart, the related program will be modified.
Web Apps (mobile site) can also replace native mobile Apps. Their function are similar.
Web Apps(mobile site)
Native Apps
Mobile phones platform Works for all platforms, only a web browser is needed. Different version for different platform.
Speed Normal Faster
Installation Download and Installation is not needed. Requires download and installation before use.
Function Cannot control the phone’s functions like taking photo or sound recording. Can control the phone’s functions.
Internet connection Must be connected to internet when use. Some of the features may work without internet connection.