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Introduction to Yampo's Online Shop

An Online shop allows you sell products online. Web visitors can place order and give card payment online.
All you need to do is to check email for orders and arrange for product delivery.


What is an Online Shop?
An Online shop allows you sell products online. Web visitors can place order and give card payment online. All you need to do is to check email for orders and arrange for product delivery.

What products are suitable for sell in online shop?
General products like toys, watches, flowers, leathery and handbags are all suitable.

How to group the products?

Products divided into 3 to 10 groups are easiest for visitors to search. For example a sportware online shop may group the products as sport shirts, sports shoes, bats, accessories. In case the number of products is more than 500, a multi level grouping will be suitable. In such case, bats are subdivided into tennis bats, badminton bats, table tennis bats, and sport shirts be subdivided in different cloth materials.

How do Online Shop Work?
You may upload product information into you online shop. They include their pictures, prices and descriptions etc. Then web visitors can purchase the products they like. A email order which includes the items they choose, the quantities, the subtotal and total price will send to you and the visitor. Also the visitor may give credit card payment online. The money will transfer to you bank automatically.

What is special about Yampo's Online Shop Packages?
A- We provide completed e-commerce solutions and services. Even the application of online card payment service is provided. No separated application to the bank is necessary
B- All program modules are ready. This largely reduce the development time and cost. And we have a lot of successful examples for reference.

C- All programs and design are portable, which when migrate to other network company still work.
D- All design are custom make for each customer.

How do the visitors give payment.?
They may pay by online card payment. You may also provide other payment options like "Cash On Delivery" or Bank Transfer. Among this payment methods, online card payment is by far the most convenient for online shoppers.

How to let people know of my Online Shop?
Some promotion for the web site has to be done in order to attract visitors. You may register you web site in popular search engines like Yahoo, Sina, or advertise the web site on magazines or newspapers. Our company also provides online promotional package with can place your website on the first page of Yahoo and Google when searched.

How to upload and update my product information?
You may upload new products or update existing products information any time through the administration panel we provided。

How long does it take to produce the online shop?
It takes 2 weeks to complete the production the fastest.

What information I should provide to make the online shop?
We require the following information:
A- The general information about your business, like your company's profile, contact number and emails ... etc.
B- A brief description of the products and services you provided.
C- Your product's grouping: Divide your products in 3 to 10 groups is most suitable for visitors to search . For example a sportswear online shop may divides the products into sport shirts, sport shoes, bats, accessories.
D- You may suggest the style of the web design including the choice or color and layout. (In case you do not have one in mind, our designers will be glad to create it for you)
E- At the same time, you should start to prepare your products pictures' and information. Since you may upload the products by yourself any time, you actually don't have to provide these data. But if you do, we will be glad to do the upload for you.

Any other cost before I can operate the Online Shop?
Once the online shop production is completed, you may start to operate the business and there is no other cost.

Can I switch to other web company ?
Although we want to provide long term service to all customers, you are free to switch to other web company if necessary.

Is online card payment secure?
Card payment security is provided by PayPal which includes 128 bit SSL. The logo for them and SSL 128 bit are displayed on the web page which allows visitors to pay with confidence.

How to check transaction for each online payment?
You may login to PayPal online administration system to check each transaction history any time.

Sample of Online-Shop

Advanced Features

Since our online shops are all tailor-made for customers, we may add different additional features as needed.
Below are some examples.

Advanced Member system
You may classify members into different levels and provide different privileges to them. For example, you may give a discount to Gold members, or let them buy new products in advance. Members' upgrade can be done by the Administrator manually, or automatically when a member's purchase reach a preset amount.

Prepay system

Allow customers to buy Credits, so that when they purchase, their credits are deducted automatically. There could be an automatic reminder sent to the customer when his credits are used out or nearly used out.

The website may send out SMS to the mobile of the Administrator or customers. For example, every time a new order arrives or when a new member registers, sending a SMS in additional to the email makes it more reliable. For member registrations, you may send the login password by SMS so as to make sure that the mobile number of the member is correct.

Credits system
Every time a customer makes a purchase, he will get credits. The credits can be used for redeem gift or making purchase. You may also allow customers to buy credits directly (see Prepay system above).

Coupon system
When a customer make a purchase, he may enter a coupon number and the amount he needs to pay will be deducted by the coupon value. The coupons can be sent out to the customers by emails. (note: a coupon have no specific user. Anyone who knows the coupon number, which is usually a 8 digits random number, may use it.)

Complicated delivery charge calculation
We may calculate the delivery charge based on the weight, the country and the method of delivery : by express or normal post. The charge can also cope with your sales strategy. For example: purchase over $500 provides free delivery.

Inventory system
If the products you sell are limited in quantity, you may use this system to keep track of the inventory and prevent order comes in but have no goods to send! The system records the inventory level of each product, and automatically deduct every time a purchase is made. When the inventory level drops to 0, selling of that product will be disabled automatically.

Shopping Cart which handles decimal numbers
Sometimes, the quantity of the product may be a decimal number. For example, your customer may want to buy 1.2 pound of beef. We can modify the shopping cart to cope with decimal numbers.

Related products list out
When customer is viewing a particular product, related products are list out at the bottom of the page.This gives extra convenience to customers and encourages more purchases.

Product with multi-selection:
Take a sofa as example. Its color options include red/yellow/brown/black, size includes 1/2/3 seats, and material includes leather/imitation leather/cloth. Our system can handle all these combination even they have different price and availability.

Payment Gateway Callback
After customer made an online card payment, this system will trigger the website for actions. For example , when a customer buy a software and completed the online payment. The Payment gateway may callback the website and allow him to download the software immediately. Other examples are sending out greeting emails or SMS after customer completed a payment, or activate login account after customer pay the registration fee. (This system only works for payment gateways which provide callback features , eg. Paypal, Asiapay or Worldpay.)

Online Vote or Questionnaire
For example, let customers vote for the products they like most. The result can be published on the web, or kept as internal reference.

Message board
Let customers leave messages or ask questions online. The messages can be shown on the website directly, or sent to the Administrator as emails.

Web Chat Room or Forum
This allows the Administrator to communicate with customers online.

Embedding features from common websites like Facebook, Google Map, Youtube

You may embed the features from famous website so as to enrich you own website:

Embedding Facebook features in your web so that visitors may login Facebook through you web and use its features like checking latest status and make comments.

Google Map:
Embedding Google Map in your website, so that visitors know your location, and also make use of its features like zoom and satellite views.

Google Advs:
Embedding Google advertisement on your web. This not only enrich you web content, but also brings income because Google will share with you the profit earned by the "clicks" you bring to them.

You may embed youtube videos in your website also.