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Our service includes a completed package of homepage design,
hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce, database.... etc.
Please refer to our price list or contact our company,
and we will explain our service in more details.

We can add various functions to your website. Some examples are Online Shop, e-commerce, Group Buying, Multilevel marketing, Bidding, Forum, News Publish … etc. You may also use your creativity to invent special online functions and let us realize them for you.
Special Functions commonly used in
online Shops
    Acept order online
    Member System
    Advanced Member system
    Prepay system
    Credits system
    Coupon system
    Complicated delivery charge calculation
    Shopping Cart which handles decimal numbers
    Inventory System
Other online functions
    Online Audio and Vedio
    Flash Animation
    Related products list out
    Payment Gateway Callback
    Online Vote or Questionnaire
    Message board
    Web Chat Room or Forum
    Embedding features from common websites like Facebook, Google Map, Youtube.